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Overview of the Settlement for BEM/AMT work and MS-1       Q10T-4Q-C 14171644:

Preventative maintenance time allowances and frequencies have been discussed and all mutually agreed to adjustments will be made in the published MS-1 and/or the appropriate Maintenance Management Orders (MMOs). The APWU will be provided the final draft(s) for review and concurrence prior to publication.

The percentage of time allocated for Miscellaneous Work Hours will be increased from the proposed 2% (two percent) to 8% (eight percent).

Additionally the parties agree to the following:

There will be a 1 (one) year transition period during which staffing adjustments which impact employees will not take place. Staffing packages may be approved and authorized during the transition period. However, any excessing of employees will not occur until at least 1 (one) year from the date of signing of this settlement and in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Maintenance work in Stations and Branches transitioning to Field Maintenance Operations as a result of the changes to the MS-1 should continue to be performed by employees currently performing those duties until adjustments occur resulting from attrition. When attrition at the installation results in a staffing level below the authorized complement, management may determine the occupational group of the employee(s) that will continue to perform the work in the Stations and Branches. The shifting of Stations and Branches work to FMO work, in itself, is not intended to encourage the subcontracting of work at Stations and Branches. Any subcontracting of work must be done in accordance with Article 32 and applicable handbooks and manuals.

Grievances held pending the outcome of this matter are released for application of this resolution and to be resolved or processed in accordance with Article 15.