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You may email an officer or craft director on their page. The Presidents email form is on the bottom of this list. Or you can hover over the name and the email address will appear in the bottom left corner of the website.

Bret Wersland, President

Chris Degeyter, Vice-President

Mary Goldade, Secretary

Ken Whiteash, Treasurer

Doug Meyer, Clerk Craft Director

John Kennedy, Maintenance Craft Director

Tim Will, Motor Vehicle Director


Sarah Spafford

Jill Bagnall

Sharon Mohr



Patti Pasell

Safety & Health

Bill Novak, Director

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Next Membership Meeting

November 29, 2018 at 9 am

Next Executive Board Meeting   

November 6, 2018 at 8 pm



All membership meetings are held at

Dream Lanes, 13 Atlas Ct., Madison, WI 53714,

unless otherwise stated.


Maintenance Craft Directors Tip of the month July

Now that President Trump has made it official that he plans to sell the USPS off to the highest bidder everyone needs to be involved.

That pension fund will become some companies slush fund to raid at will.

If you don’t think it won’t happen just look at the huge retirement funds that claim they are broke and can only pay their retirees 50% to 75% of what they are owed.

This is truly a sad day for the USPS and APWU and all other unions.

The Supreme Court just decided that the 1977 law protecting collective bargaining needed to go, and was unconstitutional.

Even Governor Walker has tried to change the rules for Wisconsin’s public sector retirement fund, the best run fund in the country.

His ideas would open that cash cow to his spending oversite, robbery.

I know over the years the APWU has sounded the alarm for so many things but this is truly important to us all.

No one wants to work their entire career only to find out that the rules have changed and that Pension you were promised is no longer there.

Get involved only the APWU with everyone’s support can ever have a chance to stop this injustice.




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Welcome to the new website of the Madison Wisconsin Area Local 241, American Postal Workers Union.  If there is anything not on this website that you'd like to see on the website, please send an email to the Editor with the subject line of MWAL WEBSITE SUGGESTION.

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