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Woman's March, 2017

I participated in the Madison's Woman's March to the Capitol.  It was inspiring.  Woman, and men, of all ages came to express their distain for the current regime in Washington, D.C.

Why the march?  There are various reasons -- Trump is a sexual predator, pro-choice, woman equality in business, etc.  Did every marcher stand behind every reason in which the march was organized.  No.  Did every marcher agree with every display of distain shown throughout the marches?  No.  Each individual person had their individual reasons to march.

I did not agree on at least one item - the chant "Not My President."  As hard as it is to say without bile in my throat, Donald Trump is my president.  I am an American citizen, a proud American citizen.  I believe in our system and that our system has flaws and we have the ability to

Women equality.  What?  Woman have rights.  They can vote, drive, hold a job, do anything a man can do.  No.  No they can't.  There is no law against men regarding any reproductive issues.  Woman still make less than a male counterpart, except in a union house.  Even then, if the job isn't a "woman's" job, any woman that holds the position is looked at with distain and must perform at a higher standard, whether it is written that way or not.

Women's body rights.  What?  Roe v. Wade. Sexual assault laws. Woman's bodies are their own business.  No, no they are not. As long as Roe v. Wade can be reversed or altered, then we do not have the right over our own bodies.  As long as a man can admit to being a sexual predator and then still be elected president, sexual assaults are not a priority.  It wasn't until men's sexual enhancement pills were covered under health insurance that birth control pills had to be covered.

The march brought together people from all backgrounds for a common cause.  The common cause can be an outcome or a situation.  It's important to respect others within the march and those outside of it.  Woman who didn't march had their own individual reasons.  If the march is about choices, then not marching is also a choice.

Whatever the reason for going or not going, it was a good experience.  My mom marched in the 70s with me.  It was a Pro-Life march.  That was her choice. 


ELECTIONS and Keeping Up on Those Elected

Elections are upon us.  Nominations are conducted at the February 22, 2016 meeting.  I urge anyone who has not been happy with their Director and Steward to step up to the plate.  You can make a difference simply by being the difference.  Personally, I think our current President and Vice-President are doing a bang-up job.  Keep up the good work!  There will be an opening for the Editor position.  I am not planning to run for this position again.  I will, however, be willing to operate the web-site if the new Editor decides to not want to do both the web-site and the Flash Report.  Maybe, I'll be in another position....